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Expert Business Services in White Plains

Our happy clients have more time to focus their business needs Your business relies on a solid financial foundation to succeed, but trying to balance your accounting with all your other business needs can be overwhelming. At Heller & Filippone, LLP, we offer experienced business services so that you have everything you need to become a force in your industry.

From accounting to payroll, consulting to QuickBooks®, you can count on us to deliver insight and strategies tailored to your unique business. Discover the difference an expert CPA can make for your business! Schedule your consultation today!

How We Help Your Business

Many small businesses think that an experienced accountant is outside their reach. However, an outsourced accountant provides all the benefits of a full-time accountant without committing the same time and resources. The benefits that we can bring to your business might be more numerous than you think.

Here are five ways we can benefit your business.

  1. Give You More Time – With our help, you’ll spend far less time balancing accounts. Plus, having complete, up-to-date records lets you access your information quickly for business planning, budgeting, and other important processes.
  2. Boost Your Capital – Organized records help you spot misplaced funds or bills that have been paid twice, helping you preserve your capital. You can also pinpoint unnecessary expenses and better allocate your funds.
  3. Expert Insight – We offer years of accounting skills combined with industry experience so that we can provide effective, tailored strategies to help your business grow.
  4. Better Fraud Protection – A thorough dive into your accounts and internal controls can shed light on weaknesses before they’re exploited. We help you find these holes and strengthen your security.
  5. Flexible Services – Where an in-house accountant requires consistent hours and expectations, our accountants offer as much or as little support as your business needs month-to-month.

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Industries We Serve

At Heller & Filippone, LLP, we’re committed to providing the best service we can for your business. We work with companies in a variety of industries, getting to know the challenges and opportunities unique to them. We can provide specialized insight and experience to businesses in the following areas:

Business Accounting in White Plains

At Heller & Filippone, LLP, we understand how vital reliable accounting is to your business. Many companies have come to us with no existing accounting structure in place, unsure of where to start. We can help you establish an internal structure to organize your finances, or we can manage it for you throughout the year. We’re happy to work with the needs of your business and provide flexible services that can grow as you do.

Our accounting is more than basic bookkeeping. We help you organize your ledgers, balance accounts, and verify that your business is compliant and applying best practices. Our accountants will sit down with you and help you understand your financial standing so that you can make informed decisions and build sound strategies based on up-to-date facts.

Some of the services we’ll provide in accounting include:

Maintaining Your Ledger – Keeping your ledger clean, up-to-date, and free of errors is a standard service for us and an essential one for you and your business.

Bank Reconciliation – Regularly reconciling your accounts ensures that all of your capital is where it needs to be, and no charges are overlooked.

Income Statements – An accurate profit and loss statement is invaluable for tracking monthly performance and creating a clearer picture of your company’s situation and capabilities.

Balance Sheets – When you need to know where your company stands at a given moment, we can deliver timely and accurate balance sheets to support your planning and business decisions.

We’ll also generate reports and statements, reconcile accounts, evaluate operations, and more. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the services we provide.

Payroll Services

Whether you have three employees, ten, or fifty, you need effective, reliable payroll to ensure that their information stays in order. Payroll faces strict regulations, and mishandling of it can lead to hefty fines. We help you set up an effective, reliable system you can use to organize files, ensure accurate withholdings, and see that employees are paid what they’re due on time.

Common Payroll Issues

Given its complexity, it’s no surprise that payroll errors are fairly common in the business world. Being aware of the most common ones can help you to take steps against them and protect your business from expensive mistakes.

Poor Organization – As with any type of filing or data gathering, failing to have an established system that all employees follow can lead to misinformation and lost data. In payroll, this can have disastrous consequences ranging from heavy fines to losing valuable employees.

Exhausted Staff – In a small business, it’s common for many employees to perform a variety of duties typically outside their job description. However, having to divide time and attention between multiple tasks makes mistakes more likely, and the errors will get worse over time if not found quickly.

Inaccuracies in Benefit Tracking – Being able to track overtime, sick days, PTO, and other benefits accurately is vital to being a good employer. If you don’t have a system in place, errors can happen easily, leading to lost benefits and employee frustration.

Compliance Failure – As an employer, you are held to both federal and local standards, and must be compliant at all times. However, without a reliable system, it becomes much harder to maintain compliance, and penalties for these failures can easily cost a business thousands of dollars.

Business Consulting

Even the smartest business owner can’t keep track of everything, and there are inevitable blind spots in your ability to maintain operations while also seeking out opportunities to grow your business. Having an outside party who knows your industry and can provide an objective view of your business is an invaluable thing.

Are experts business consultants work with you to grow your businessOur accountants have years of experience helping White Plains businesses optimize their structure, operations, and business plan. We act as problem-solvers, identifying your weak points and providing strategies to help you become a well-rounded and more valuable business.

With our industry-focused experience, we know the common issues that a business in your size and market likely faces. This understanding allows us to home in on the most effective strategies for your situation that also align with your long-term goals. Where those goals are incompatible, we can help you realign to something more achievable that will provide clear guidance for everyone in your company.

QuickBooks® Services

If you’re like most modern businesses, you rely on QuickBooks to help make your accounting and organization simpler and more accessible. The program is highly versatile and easy to customize to your needs, yet not everyone has the time or experience to fully take advantage of this adaptive software.

At Heller & Filippone, LLP, we can help you understand and optimize your QuickBooks experience to ensure that your software does everything you need from it. We can help you find useful software additions that can customize your experience in the way that best serves your needs. Many additions are designed toward specific industries so that you can have an experience tailor-made for a business just like yours. Training your users is another way we can help you streamline your accounting and make your business more effective. When you and your employees have a firm grasp of the software, they can work more efficiently, giving them more time to focus on making your business a more powerful force in your market.

New Business Formation

Starting a new business is an exciting prospect, but it also comes with several hazards. Ensuring you have everything in place as your business starts will help to make your company launch a success. We also help you to create a solid business plan. This plan helps you identify how much startup capital you’ll need, how and when to divert funds, and what’s a reasonable timeline for achieving goals and steady growth. A business plan is vital for approaching potential lenders and investors, and having a CPA on-hand from the start of your business will boost your credibility and help you be taken seriously.

In building your business plan, we’ll also draft a financial forecast. The forecast offers a glimpse of your projected growth within the first few years and accounts for things like the economy, typical growth in your industry, and the unique specs of your company. Having a forecast helps you to strategize and optimize your business in a specific direction.

Business Services for Nonprofits

We can help your tax exempt organization run your financesNonprofits like yours operate with the goal of bettering the world. While this affords you certain leeway, such as tax exemption, you also face strict regulations that require significant time and effort. We can make this easier for you, thanks to our familiarity with the nonprofit structure and how to ensure financial compliance.

Our accountants will help you clean up and optimize your accounting process, or even establish it if needed. We review your books and look for areas that steer away from nonprofit compliance, and offer strategies to correct it. We’ll also help you establish better internal controls to reduce the chances of noncompliance or mismanagement. If your organization needs auditing or review, we can handle this accurately and efficiently.

Your White Plains Business in Great Hands

Knowing you have a reliable financial partner for your business or nonprofit can make a world of difference for your bottom line and peace of mind. Heller & Filippone, LLP takes pride in helping companies like yours grow through effective financial guidance, and we’re committed to delivering the service your business deserves.

Contact our White Plains office today – we’re ready with a free consultation to help you get started!

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Small Business Accounting
As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
We offer payroll solutions that meet your business's needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best--running your company.
Audits - Reviews - Compilations
Your stockholders, creditors, or private investors have different levels of risk tolerance, so we provide three levels of assurance to meet your needs.
Cash Flow Management
A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating. It can even kill your business. The starting point for avoiding a cash crisis is allowing us to develop a cash flow projection for you.
Bank Financing
Requesting a business loan without adequate preparation sends a clear message to the lender: High Risk! It pays to be prepared and organized in your approach for financing.
Strategic Business Planning
If you still have all your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, preparing a strategic plan can help you clarify your company's direction.
Succession Planning
Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next.
New Business Formation
Opening your own business is exciting and thrilling. It's everything that comes after the excitement and thrill has worn off that dictates whether a small business will make it or not.
Non-Profit Organizations
The IRS uses very specific revenue and expense classifications to determine if your organization will retain its tax-exempt status.
Internal Controls
We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures, then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger.

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